The SAIH Team

The SAIH operations team is made up of passionate professionals with complementary skills. Here are the people who bring it to life.

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Nathalie Beaulieu
Directrice de l’enseignement et de l’Académie du CHUM Responsable de l’ÉIAS


« Ce qui me passionne, c’est d’imaginer, créer et dynamiser l’éducation et la santé avec tous les acteurs de la santé! C’est l’humain qui m’inspire … le fait de développer la relève et les acteurs de la santé dans leur capacité à créer et à intégrer l’IA en milieu réel, pour améliorer la santé de la population. Un atout de plus et non une fin en soi. Ensemble, nous pouvons faire une différence par des choix de société conscients. »

Natalie Mayerhofer
Associate Director (Strategy, Partnerships and Development)


“AI must be developed ethically and responsibly for the benefit of the people. The mission of the ÉIAS is to give healthcare actors the chance to shape the future. A future that reflects our dreams, our hearts and our ambitions. And to do so together! "

Saliha Bélatrèche
Administrative Technician


« Fascinée par l’intelligence artificielle avec tout ce qu’elle peut apporter à l’humain pour dépasser les limites du possible surtout dans le domaine de la santé pour le bien-être de la population. »

Mikael Lemelin Brisebois
Department Head, Innovation and Project Management

The creator

“Artificial intelligence is a tool that is transforming all industries at a cruising speed that is increasing exponentially. It is critical to facilitate its integration and mobilize collective intelligence to benefit from it, especially in health. I believe that together we can influence the future so that technology increases human capacities for the common good.“

Amandine Armita
Advisor, Innovation


"Beauty is not in the object looked at, but in our eyes." Jean-René Huguenin Passionate about medicine and technology from a very young age, I aspire to be an active and engaging participant in the marriage of the two. I wish to contribute to the collective intelligence which will learn to capitalize on the contributions of artificial intelligence in the field of health with humanity, integrity and optimism. My role is related to the above quote, I would like to offer my enthusiasm and my energy in order to become aware of and transmit the skills and knowledge that already exist to as many people as possible.