Information Surveillance

This information surveillance is realized by the CHUM library team.

  • Automatic localization and identification of mitochondria in cellular electron cryo-tomography using faster-RCNN.
  • Computational Intelligence Re-meets Medical Image Processing.
  • Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Interventional Cardiology: From Decision-Making Aid to Advanced Interventional Procedure Assistance.
  • Coarse-Fine Convolutional Deep-Learning Strategy for Human Activity Recognition.
  • MHCSeqNet: a deep neural network model for universal MHC binding prediction.
  • Capturing the differences between humoral immunity in the normal and tumor environments from repertoire-seq of B-cell receptors using supervised machine learning.
  • LoRaWAN Battery-Free Wireless Sensors Network Designed for Structural Health Monitoring in the Construction Domain.
  • An IoT Based Architecture for Enhancing the Effectiveness of Prototype Medical Instruments Applied to Neurodegenerative Disease Diagnosis.
  • An IoT-Based Anonymous Function for Security and Privacy in Healthcare Sensor Networks.
  • Drug repositioning of herbal compounds via a machine-learning approach.
  • Forgetting auxiliary atoms in forks
  • Syntax-aware entity representations for neural relation extraction
  • Faster Shift-Reduce Constituent Parsing with a Non-Binary, Bottom-Up Strategy
  • Automatic generation of sentimental texts via mixture adversarial networks
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