Would you like to better understand what artificial intelligence in healthcare is and how it can be developed to benefit the public and patients? The SAIH offers several tools and reference documents to help you better understand the challenges and advances in this field.

What place will human beings have in the medicine of tomorrow?

Speaker: Professor Axel Kahn, Honorary President of Université Paris Descartes

During the INNOVE-ACTION week presented by the CHUM research centre (CRCHUM), the speaker invited participants to reflect on the role of humans in tomorrow’s medicine and on a patient–physician relationship renewed by the rise of artificial intelligence.

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Axel Khan conference during the INNOVE-ACTION week 2018

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Dr. Brunet conference during the INNOVE-ACTION week 2018
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White Paper

This summary of the highlights of the INNOVE-ACTION week includes recommendations on the integration of innovation and artificial intelligence as a catalyst for health transformation.

During these three days, more than 1,200 health professionals, researchers, students, managers, decision-makers, patients, and industry partners participated in the forty or so interactive activities organized under the theme Reinventing Health: Enhanced Intelligence and Innovation.

Need a space for co-creation?

The Idearium

The CHUM offers its partners and healthcare professionals a supportive environment in the heart of downtown Montreal where teams can develop collective intelligence. The Idearium, located in the CHUM Academy, is a meeting place for the CHUM community and its external partners, where they can build on their collective intelligence, encourage discussions, and search for innovative solutions to improve population health.