Veille informationnelle

Cette veille informationnelle est réalisée par l’équipe de la Bibliothèque du CHUM.

  • Hepatic rupture associated with preeclampsia, report of three cases and literature review.
  • The Capital One breach proved we must rethink cloud security
  • Media quoted Ramesh Pokhriyal on Sanskrit out of context: MHRD
  • Biological learning curves outperform existing ones in artificial intelligence algorithms.
  • Artificial intelligence in digital pathology - new tools for diagnosis and precision oncology.
  • <b>HR</b> will undergo technological change in next decade: Experts at XUB conclave
  • <b>Artificial Intelligence</b> (<b>AI</b>) Robots Market: 2019 Worldwide Opportunities, Market Share, Key Players ...
  • Hong Kong protesters use lasers pointers to deter police, scramble facial recognition
  • Why the Philippine <b>economy</b> is trading call centres for casinos
  • Trump Is Making Xi&#039;s Superpower 2050 Plan Tougher by the Day
  • The age of <b>artificial intelligence</b>: <b>Staff</b> planning to quit? System in Singapore can tell
  • Indian companies are investing in <b>human resource</b> technologies to cut costs
  • Artificial Intelligence in Musculoskeletal Imaging: A Paradigm Shift.
  • Potential of Automatic Diagnosis System with Linked Color Imaging for Diagnosis of Helicobacter Pylori Infection.
  • State-of-the-Art Deep Learning in Cardiovascular Image Analysis.
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