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Cette veille informationnelle est réalisée par l’équipe de la Bibliothèque du CHUM.

  • pic.twitter.com/8Lfdls7nX4
  • The office is buzzing… more than usual Join us in welcoming our new team members to the #AI hub #ElementAI #Bees #Bumblebee #Honeypic.twitter.com/t77PbSLpt0
  • Exciting opportunities to work with our team. We'll be at CVPR next week if you want to meet up and discuss. #cvpr https://twitter.com/BorealisAI/status/1138127531452878850 …
  • Global Intelligent Process Automation Market 2026 Trends, Size, Share, Sale and Forecast, Driver ...
  • Want to know the latest #AI news from across #Canada? Read the @CIFAR_News AICan Bulletin: https://hubs.ly/H0jfbSg0 
  • #Inventures2019 may be over, but there's still plenty more going on in June! Check out our event round-up for this month: https://hubs.ly/H0jd_jy0  #AI #ABTech #ABBiz
  • It was an honour to have the High Commissioner @YKaritanyi with us in Babylon's London office today, speaking about Rwanda's history and sharing their bright vision for the future. The @BabylRwanda team work hard every day to play their part in making th
  • Google at ICML 2019
  • We're getting ready for #ICML2019! Visit the Microsoft booth all week to chat with our experts about the latest technology and exciting job opportunities. Full schedule and open positions: https://aka.ms/AA5a44w pic.twitter.com/cDe2Mfkurr
  • Dr. @iqbal_st discusses her work in the field of micro-productivity on the #MSRPodcast. Discover a research area that takes aim at the short spurts of time called micro-moments that we otherwise might have considered too short to get anything useful done:
  • #ADA2019 MARD 9.5% que es un dato que nos habla sobre precisión de sus sensores #FreeStyleLibre 2
  • #ADA2019 El sistema es preciso, estable y consistente. #FreeStyleLibre
  • #ADA2019 #FreeStyleLibre 2 tendrá alarmas personalizables. Es un sensor más preciso.
  • Libre 2.0 will offer option of real time alerts for Highs and Lows, without scanning sensor. #ada2019
  • #ADA2019 se dice que FreeStyleLibre 2 tiene incluso mayor precisión, seguiremos informando.
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