Healthcare Internet of Things : Community of Innovation

The Healthcare Internet of Things (HIoT) Community of Innovation is a multidisciplinary group made up of people who are passionate about their field. Together, they are committed to generating value from healthcare IoT for the well-being of the population, while taking a socially responsible approach.

École de l'intelligence artificielle en santé du CHUM
Marcel LabellePatient partner Healthcare Internet of Things (HIoT)

As a CHUM patient partner, I have a wealth of 41 years of diabetic experience. I have been interested in connected medical devices for a long time. Beyond this passion, these devices allow me to better understand how my disease works and to be actively involved in managing it. So the experiences of expert users like myself offers a very valuable and useful perspective in the CHUM’s internet of things community of innovation.

Manifesto of Healthcare Internet of Things (HIoT)

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