The SAIH’s training curriculum focuses on cultural and structural changes in the organizations and the system that will receive AI, as well as on the teaching of methods, concepts, and tools for using AI. It will offer two types of learning pathways: continuing education, with a series of stimulating and tailored activities; and a diploma option using state-of-the-art dynamic teaching methods offered by our academic partners.

AI Lunch-Hour Lessons (Moments de L’intelligence Artificielle le Midi – MIAM), from noon to 1:00 p.m.

MIAMs, a flexible learning option

Would you like to join the movement and learn more about AI in a flexible way? MIAMs (AI lunch-hour lessons) are designed to fit easily into your daily activities, during the lunch hour, once every two weeks. You can attend these short sessions: a) in person; b) remotely in real time; or c) offline via a Facebook Live recording. A continuing education program is currently being set up.

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These events are accredited training activities under Section 1 of the Maintenance of Certification Program of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and SOFEDUC.

Big Event Serie Yoshua Bengio
Beyond The AI


  • Joshua Bengio

École de l'intelligence artificielle en santé CHUM
8th AI Lunch-Hour Session
AUDACE : Digitally Rebuild Your Face, Your Identity


  • Dr. Matthieu Schmittbuhl, DAMU, CHUM – Problématiques cliniques
  • Dr. Marie-Pascale Pomey, CRCHUM – Approches (2) psychosociales du point de vue du patient
  • Pr Jacques DeGuise, CRCHUM – Technologie artistique 3D et autres

7th AI Lunch-Hour Lessons
SAIH To Meet Ubisoft

SPEAKER: Yves Jacquier, Executive Director

6th AI Lunch-Hour Lessons
Data bank, CITADEL Project

SPEAKER: Dr. Michaël Chassé

5th AI Lunch-Hour Lessons
5G: The Next Revolution in Connected Health

SPEAKER: Luc Sirois, General Manager, Prompt et co-founder of Hacking Health

4th AI Lunch-Hour Lessons
Concrete Application of AI in Healthcare

SPEAKER: Alexandre Le Bouthillier

3rd AI Lunch-Hour Lessons
Connected devices in the age of AI: What contributions and challenges for tomorrow’s health system?

SPEAKER: Dre Marie-Pascale Pomey

2nd AI Lunch-Hour Lessons
Legal implications of developing and using AI in the healthcare field


  • Me Annie Gauthier, BCF
  • Me Éric-Alain Laville, CHUM
  • Marie-Claude Marchand, Optina Diagnostics inc.

1er MIAM
First AI Lunch-Hour Lessons


  • Me Annie Gauthier, BCF
  • Me Éric-Alain Laville, CHUM
  • Marie-Claude Marchand, Optina Diagnostics inc.